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One-Voice, One-World!  Join us on our mission to create a shared vision for global equality...

Welcome to the Michigan Diversity Education Center

The Michigan Diversity Education Center (MiDEC), a Michigan based 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit organization, was created to serve as a strong voice and global change-agents as we work together to combat the systems of oppression, privilege, and injustice for the marginalized and underserved, removing the barricades that are preventing them from full equality or access to a high-quality of life.  

Through MiDEC's diversity education and training along with our One-Voice, One-World and Diversity Storyteller programs, we are committed to helping create positive change in a very divisive world.  MiDEC believes everyone's voice must be heard and we all need to be at the table in order for us to make a positive and lasting impact in the world.  Please join us on our mission to change the world one-voice and one-person at a time.  Click here to learn more on how you can join MiDEC on it's mission to create positive change in our communties and around the globe. 
MiDEC is committed to ensuring all persons have access to top quality diversity education and training. Together, we will change the world through meaningful dialogue and diversity education.
We need your voice at the table. Join us today as we create healthy and impactful dialogue centered on inclusion, diversity and equity.
One-Voice, One-World:
A Global Mission for Change.
Your generous tax-deductible contribution will help us grow and allow us to continue to bring top quality programming and trainings. Please join us on our mission and become a member or the MiDEC Giving Society today.
Creating Global Change-Agents,
One Conversation at a Time...