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Creating Strong Leaders Through Diversity & Inclusion Education & Training...
Successful companies know that Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and Equity need to be a critical component of today's fast-paced business world. They understand that D&I must be embedded into their company's core-values and maintained as a strong business imperative.  More than ever before, attracting top talent is essential to growth and having the best-of-the-best requires a workplace where individuals can obtain an equitable salary, have good benefits and work in a creative space where they are valued, not only for their work, but their differences as well.

With the world continually changing at a rapid pace, can your organization afford not to be one of the "cool" and best places to work and thrive in?  Let MiDEC assist you with all your diversity training needs.  From creating your company's Diversity & Equity Statement to assiting you with the creation and implementation of your D&I program, we are with you every step of the way.   

Creating a Winning Culture, Begins with You!
More than ever before, organizations must be ready to identify and tackle those tough-issues around diversity & inclusion. Saying you are an open and affirming organization is not enough or simply ignoring social justice issues as they arise can and will hurt your company's reputation and overall bottom-line.  

There are several ways to create a Winning Culture, and MiDEC has the team to help make this happen.  The high-quality, hands-on and interactive education and training programs available through MiDEC can assist you wherever you are on the journey.   Contact us today to learn more.

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D&I Programs to Help You Grow
Diversity Auditing & Mapping is a great start to discovering where your organization is at on the D&I journey. Diversity Auditing & Mapping can assit you as you begin identifying the necessary strategies needed for a successful roadmap of D&I in your organization, which includes how to map and audit your current work, create successful inclusive strategies, including using Best Practices to ensure you have a winning-culture.

2BI Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the knowledge and understanding of the unique behaviors, languages and differences that exists in today's global workplace.  2BI understands that CQ goes beyond existing notions of cultural sensitivity and awareness, it must be in the forefront of all businesses.  2BI can help your organization accomplish its core objectives by discovering how the four (4) key areas of CQ can ensure you have a strong winning culture.  Learn more HERE.

The Diversity Ambassador Program is a great way to  ​​help you create, enhance and implement a strong and effective D&I program in your organization.  This two-day program was created for businesses who take D&I serious and know the many benefits being truly inclusive can bring.  To learn more or sign-up for future training's, please CLICK HERE.

Beyond our impressive programming and impactful education series and trainings, MiDEC can also help you identify areas of improvement and/or assist in enhancing your current D&I program.  Working together, we can create a workforce that embraces and celebrates diversity and inclusion in all its forms.  Want to learn more, connect with us today!

A diverse and inclusive workforce helps businesses avoid employee turnover costs and creates and fosters an inclusive enviornment.
MiDEC Diversity Education & Training Programs are offered in partnership with 2B Inclusive LLC.
Creating a Strong Foundation of Inclusion
Through D&I Education & Training