MiDEC Board of Directors

  1. Tedi Parsons
    President & CEO Michigan Diversity Education Center (MiDEC)
  2. Gina Pons-Schultz
    Chair T.A. Forsberg, Inc.
  3. Cindy Whittum
    Vice-Chair Davenport University
  4. Richard Howard
    Secretary/Treasurer Big Brothers Big Sisters Capital Region
  5. Dr. Tonya Fountain
    Director 'At-Large' Fountain of Solutions, LLC
  6. Carrie Rosingana
    Director Capital Area Michigan Works!
  7. DeMarcus Evans
    Director Lansing Community Social Work/Advocate
  8. RACER Trust
    Kim M. Raiford
    Director Lansing Community Refugee Advocate
Contact MiDEC

Tedi Parsons, President & CEO
[email protected]

MiDEC Board of Directors
[email protected]

Why We Serve...

"I want to use my  privilege in service to others, helping be the voice for those who are oppressed, silenced or forgotten."   ~ Tedi Parsons, President & CEO

"I serve on the MIDEC board because  I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity be happy and provide for themselves and their family, we are all responsible for ensuring everyone in our society feels accepted and included."   ~ Gina Pons-Schultz

The mission and vision of the MiDEC and the work we do is critically important because it will allow for making actionable change in our communities to support the creation of more welcoming environments and inclusive opportunities." ~ Carrie Rosingana

"I serve because every one born "matters" but many grow up not knowing or believing that because society, life, and circumstances mute or distort that message. I serve because I want to provide education, information, and conditions that not only remind people that they are important, but that nurtures an environment for them to succeed. Every night I ask myself, "did you make a difference today?" I will serve until I am no longer able to ask myself that question.  ."   ~ Dr. Tonya Fountain

"Being involved with MiDEC is important to me because I want to be part of something that does good work in my community and throughout the State of Michigan.  Diversity work isn't something that you simply choose to do, rather it is a part of the fabric of who you are as  a person."   ~ Rich Howard

"I serve because I believe that in order to have a life fulfilled, one should begin with the hope that a fulfilled life is possible."   ~ DeMarcus Evans

Serving as a catalyst to promote awareness, helping provide resources and removing barriers to equal access for ALL individuals, is why I serve and support the mission and vision of MiDEC."   ~ Cindy Whittum