One-Voice, One-World

We have a lot to say...
MiDEC believes that 'One-Voice', yours, mine and ours, can create positive change through open and meaningful dialogue, which can build trust and transform our understanding of the world and those around us.

In a world where we often hold opposing political, social and religious views and come from a wide-range of backgrounds, open and honest dialogue is vital to creating a safe realtional space that allows us to have those deep and sometimes difficult conversations.

Please join us on our journey to change the world through safe, meaningful and impactful dialogue, One-Voice, One-World!
Transformational Dialogue with MiDEC
MiDEC's One-Voice, One-World program is designed to bring people together from every walk-of-life to share and celebrate their differences through transformational dialogue.  No matter where you are on your journey, everyone is welcomed in the conversation.   

From engaging and personal fireside and kitchen table chats to open community conversations, MiDEC's One-Voice, One-World program will help transform the way we see the world and each-other. Creative and positive dialogue is about bringing together the many voices and opinions of everyone in the community, which helps generate new ideas, foster strong relationships and erase those lines that divide us. Everyone is encouraged to be part of the conversation.
The MiDEC One-Voice, One-World and Diversity Storytellers programs were created to empower individuals to use their voices as a way to increase civility and understanding about the many issues that are impacting our world today, such as: race, faith, sexual orientation, and gender equality.  Collectively, when our voices are heard, we can create a powerful and positive impact towards global change. 

The MiDEC Community Dialogue Program is an information-packed six-week effective communication, facilitation and conflict resolution training course created for anyone who is interested in improving their personal, professional and interpersonal communication skills. This program is idea for community, nonprofit and faith based leaders, as well as those interested in leading group dialogue sessions in your communities, places of worship or workplace.  One-Voice can truly make a difference, let it be yours!

Some of our topics of discussion will include:

  • ​Closing the Cultural Divide
  • The History and Future of LGBTQ
  • Race: Celebrating our Differences
  • Disability Advocacy: Breaking Down Barricades
  • Removing the Inequality in Gender Equality
  • Diversity and Intersectionality Framework

We hope you will be part of the conversation.  To learn more about the MiDEC Community Dialogue and One-Voice, One-World Programs, please complete the information in the Contact Form.  
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"We - what we need is a dialogue among civilizations. And we need multiculturalism, respect for diversity, tolerance, respect for diverse faiths." 
~ Manmohan Singh

Celebrating our Rich Tapestry of Diversity, 
One Conversation at a Time...