It's what we do...
  1. Diversity Education & Training
    Diversity Education & Training
    MiDEC is changing the world through top quality diversity education and training programs in partnership with 2b Inclusive LLC.
  2. Project Environmental Justice
    Project Environmental Justice
    Join us on our mission to make the world a safer, cleaner and more environmentally welcoming place for everyone. Please check-back soon for more information about this exciting program.
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  1. Disability Advocacy
    Disability Advocacy
    The MiDEC Disability Advisory Committee (MDAC) is committed to breaking down the barriers for our friends in the disability community.
  2. Transformational Diversity Dialogue
    Transformational Diversity Dialogue
    Through open, meaningful and impactful dialogue, we will close the divide between us. Have your voice heard and join in the conversation today.
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       "One person can change the world."                                                           ~ Rosa Parks