Who We Are

Who is MiDEC?
The Michigan Diversity Education Center (MiDEC) is a 501 (c)(3), Michigan based nonprofit who is committed to helping create global change-agents through diversity education and training, community engagement and impactful dialogue.  

MiDEC understands change can only occur when one-or-more persons comes together to start the conversation and work together to create effective strategies needed to dismantle the barriers that exists for the underserved populations here in our community and around the globe.  

MiDEC works closely with its leadership team, staff, regional, state and national partners to create effective and impactful diversity education and training programs, take part in meaningful dialogue, along with supporting other individuals and organizations who are committed to helping create positive change, impacting the world around us.
Our Mission
To serve as global change-agents by educating, encouraging and empowering others through diversity education and meaningful dialogue.
Our Vision
To leverage diversity education and impactful dialogue to dismantle the barriers of oppression and institutional and structural inequalities.
Innocent black people are more likely to be convicted of crimes than innocent white people.

Source: National Registery of Exonerations
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